Graduation 2013

As I stepped into the Moonee Valley Legends, I smelt the food and felt the excitement rush through my body. Lee directed me to the table and I took a seat. Our whole table was excited and got a little bit loud. It was a great time to share our emotions with the table and I think our table did it the best.

The waiter served Christian and it made me pretty hungry as well, and as I received my chicken parma, I got ready to dig in. it was amazing. The ham. The cheese. The chicken! It was delicious.

After a great night at dinner I knew it was just the beginning of a great night but the end of a great journey. We walked back to school. The boys in there classy suits and the girls in there beautiful dresses.

As I walked into the S.P.C, I heard the song Hal of Fame thumping in the room. I was practising a fake smile but a real smile came straight on to my face. I sat down, relaxed and just let the night flow. The masters of ceremony were great speakers and made it an even better night.

I didn’t know how the night could get better, but when the interviews came on it made a perfect night better. The four questions were what was your favourite memory at MPPS? What was you’re your most embarrassing moment at MPPS? What are your feelings about high school and what will you take with you to high school? I made some pretty funny confessions and all the year six’s had a blast.

When we got our scrolls and the awards were handed out I was one of the happiest boys in the world and my excitement was like no other person. I was already smiling for the camera.

All the year six’s stepped outside and got ready for our surprise item. It was a dance that involved a bit of boy girl partner work. It was sort of like a flash mob. It was a great finish to the night and an great finish to an astonishing seven years of primary school at Moonee Ponds Primary and Moonee Ponds Central.

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