100WC Week #14

Christmas Eve. They were all in the Christmas spirit. He picked up the brush with a firm grip. He lightly puts the brush on the canvas. Christian has the ability to make his paintings come to life. He had red on the paper, then white, then green then yellow it was getting confusing. He kept on painting until midnight. The painting, had reindeers, and a sled, and a sack full of presents, and Santa. As Christian finished, he let his painting come to life. Santa and all the reindeers came out of the painting, and from then it was Christmas.

100WC Week #14

The rain poured. There were roars of rain hitting the ground from outside. The thunder struck the ground like a plate hitting the ground and smashing. You could hear the birds flying for some sort cover. You could hear the neighbours partying next door, as your sleep would be interrupted. You can see a spider on the roof. The darkness of your bedroom is now flashing with light from the lightning. You’re hearing things that you have never heard before. You hide under your blanket. It is frighting. Your crying. You open your eyes, and then the noise suddenly stopped.

100WC Week #12

A clear but foggy object, it was some sought of a glass bottle. Jim would always wonder. He was a curious little boy, and he would always go out of his own way to get something. When he saw this bottle, there was something in it, it was white. A, a letter, he thought. He swam out to get it. He got it, excited but nervous to find out what was inside it. He opened it and it was a letter. It said. Dear person, Help me, I’m dying from nerves of my daughter. She has gone missing. From, Pablo.

100WC Week #11

Remembering the day it all happened. It is over now, but everything has changed. It will never be forgotten. What it did, what it does to the country. The aftermath. Overcoming losing family members, watching people die. It doesn’t get more incredible. All was good in Australia before 1914. Families could play around. The federation of the country was not that long ago. People were just moving on from the death of Queen Victoria. But then this all happened. It had changed the country for ever. And even 95 year ahead of the end of the war. People still remember.

100WC Week #10

Rain came. Surreal photographer Jane Hewitt took the opportunity of the minor floods to entertain her fans and thought of some awesome ideas for some photos. She went out with her crew of four people, Josh, the acrobat, herself, the director, Jack, the photographer and John, the journalist. She was a very strict, but positive director and she was persistent to get one of the many ideas photographed. Many ideas didn’t work, but on the final shot of the day, they managed to find the right picture. Josh did a handstand in the water and Jack took a great shot.

100WC Week #9

The violent storm was coming in. It crashed onto the trees. The chimpanzees looked for safety, as the trees were no good for a storm like this. One chimp found a cave, and lead the others into the cave, but what they didn’t know was that the cave belonged to the grizzly bear that lived out in the woods. The chimps sighed of relief, but over the sighs was a large growl. A chimp turned around and … BAM! He was chewed up by the bear. The chimps tried to run away, but the lightning stopped them. They all died.

100WC Week #8

Thunder crashed on the lion enclosure. Even the king of the jungle was too frightened to come out of its cave. The zookeeper hated his job, and wanted to go home. He slowly walked with his flash light until he came across, the cave… The cave was known for the creature inside. No one knew what it was, but they knew it was dangerous. I had killed four men on night shift before, stay there at night. John went in to see what it was. All you could hear was blood splashing, bites and growls. He was never seen again.

100WC Week #7

Slowly, as the sky got darker, Jack felt a tingle go up his spine. He could not sleep. All he could think about is monsters and spiders all dancing in the dark, playing outside, waiting for Jack to come outside. Jack felt so scared that he had to check out the window for monsters, but there was nothing there. He went back to bed and tried to think of happy thoughts, like how his cricket game went on the weekend or how fun school has been for him recently. But what he didn’t know was, there were monsters outside. Waiting.

100 Word Challenge Holiday Prompt #2

Big foot, his here. Everyone was scared to death. The large footsteps are big and bad. But there is one group of people who are excited, the Big Foot Believers. It wasn’t even 100% certain that it was big foot.  It wasn’t a very good thing though. The big footsteps are going straight into the city. The size of this thing could cause a lot of damage. Its a dream for the big foot believers, its a disaster for the rest. Scientists did research on the footsteps, but it wasn’t big foot, or King Kong. It was big bad  Godzilla.

100 Word Challenge Holiday Prompt #1

My heart was beating fast as I jumped. My whole world went into slow motion. My fear of heights got to me. All I can hear is ‘BOM BOM, BOM BOM’. I can only catch a second of light before fall deep into the cave. I’m lucky that I have a tight harvest and I lands safely on the ground. I take my harvest off as my fellow explorers land on the ground safely and join me. I am the first person to walk in the cave. When I walk in to the darkness, I see the most amazing thing…