Graduation 2013

As I stepped into the Moonee Valley Legends, I smelt the food and felt the excitement rush through my body. Lee directed me to the table and I took a seat. Our whole table was excited and got a little bit loud. It was a great time to share our emotions with the table and I think our table did it the best.

The waiter served Christian and it made me pretty hungry as well, and as I received my chicken parma, I got ready to dig in. it was amazing. The ham. The cheese. The chicken! It was delicious.

After a great night at dinner I knew it was just the beginning of a great night but the end of a great journey. We walked back to school. The boys in there classy suits and the girls in there beautiful dresses.

As I walked into the S.P.C, I heard the song Hal of Fame thumping in the room. I was practising a fake smile but a real smile came straight on to my face. I sat down, relaxed and just let the night flow. The masters of ceremony were great speakers and made it an even better night.

I didn’t know how the night could get better, but when the interviews came on it made a perfect night better. The four questions were what was your favourite memory at MPPS? What was you’re your most embarrassing moment at MPPS? What are your feelings about high school and what will you take with you to high school? I made some pretty funny confessions and all the year six’s had a blast.

When we got our scrolls and the awards were handed out I was one of the happiest boys in the world and my excitement was like no other person. I was already smiling for the camera.

All the year six’s stepped outside and got ready for our surprise item. It was a dance that involved a bit of boy girl partner work. It was sort of like a flash mob. It was a great finish to the night and an great finish to an astonishing seven years of primary school at Moonee Ponds Primary and Moonee Ponds Central.

A Snapshot in Time

I looked down at my foot, splashing in the rock pool. I felt the wind softly brushing against my skin. Devlin slowly bent down and picked up the crab. I could hear the waves thrashing against the rocks and the wind blowing in the air. I smelt the ocean, and the sea plants but tasted the salty air which was atrocious. As the kids were amazed by the crab, devlin handed it to me and placed it on my hand. I felt it softly slithering in my hand and its silky shell was leaving water marks on my hand. It was amazing.

What a Hit: A Gala Sports Day Recount

I feel my heart beating at 100 miles per hour as the bowler released the bowl. It came up to my chest and I keep my eyes on it the whole time. I swing my bat towards the ball as hard as I could. I hit it straight up into the air. At first I was worried I was going to get caught, but it went miles past the boundary and it was a six.

I was the captain of the first team. The start of the 1st day was not very good. It was loss win, loss, and win throughout the day. We lost to the other Moonee Ponds Primary team and it was a very close game. We won 2 games and lost 3. It was ok but we could have done better.

On the second day we got off to a bad start. We lost 2 of the first 3 games against the St Monica’s teams. I knew they were good teams so it wasn’t that bad. It was the second last game and I had just batted. I had a six and a couple fours, so it was ok. The rest of the team did good batting as well. We did good bowling as well so I was proud of the team. We won the game quite comfortably.

Our next game was against Strathmore Primary. If we won we would have improved from the week before but if we lost there was no improve and I have to admit, I would be pretty disappointed if we had lost.

We started off batting, so I was the first batter. I was nervous but excited at the same time. The overs were shortened to 5 balls an over because we were low on time. I hit the first three balls for four. The next ball was a no ball so I get a free hit. I hit the free hit for six and I am very happy with myself. I hit a single so I was back on strike next over. I hit a four, and then single. Kallum hit a four then a single to get me back on strike.

I feel my heart beating at 100 miles per hour as the bowler released the bowl. It came up to my chest and I keep my eyes on it the whole time. I swing my bat towards the ball as hard as I could. I hit it straight up into the air. At first I was worried I was going to get caught, but it went miles past the boundary and it was a six. The rest of the batters did really good and we had an overall batting score of about 90.

The bowling was ok but what really stood out for me was the fielding. We got five run outs overall which means 25 runs as a bonus. We got 30 bonus runs which meant we got about 120. I was extremely proud of the team after that game. We won quite comfortably that game.

At the end of the day I was proud of the team. We had won the last two games and had improved from the week before. The final score for the team was five wins and 5 losses. It was a very good score. I thought the team was one of the best batting and fielding teams in the whole compition.

2013 in Jess’ Class

So far this year i have learnt quite abit and made lots of new friends. its been good to be top of the school for once. I am the leader!!!! Just kidding.

We have been doing fun activities like date maths and making an ideal classroom. Jess is a great teacher becuase she makes you learn and have fun sat the same time. Its great fun.

Also this year we got the Netbooks. We have been using them lots, infact Im using my Netbook to type this right now. When i first got my Netbook it didnt work, but its working now and its working great.

I am excited about buddies this year. All the year sixes enjoyed buddies last year so I hope its good this year. I am also excited about this years camp to Warnabool.


Shrine of Remembrance

On Friday 18th of May, all the 5/6s went to the Shrine of Remembrance near the Botanical Gardens using public transport. The Shrine of Remembrance is a great way to educate people about the wars and to remember all the soldiers, nurses and all the other people who went to war. The Shrine was made for us to remember.

 I learnt about all the different flags, even the Australian and New Zealand. I learnt about the Southern Cross and how it looks different in New Zealand. I also learnt about the 7 sided stars and how it represents the states in Australia.

 I also learnt how hard it was to fight at war. I knew it was hard to be at war, but not this hard. They had to were heavy clothes on a rocky beach while wet [which makes it even more heavy] in the cold and dark, while getting shot at. It would have been very, very hard back then.

Another thing I learnt was about the poppies and how they’re a symbol of remembrance for the soldiers, nurses, engineers, all the people who went to war. Did you know that the reason poppies are the sign of remembrance is because they were the first sign of life on the battlefields after the wars [World War I]?

 I found the minute silence very interesting. I liked the way the light came across the words, Greater Love Hath No Man. It is a great way to remember all the men and woman who went to war. When we had the minute silence, I remembered my Great Grandfather who fought against the Japanese in World War II.

 I also found it interesting how the eternal flame never goes out. It was lit by Queen Elizabeth II in 1954. It never goes out, in bad weather conditions or anything. It is lit by gas so it is almost impossible to go out.

My question is who was the leader of the Australian forces or army, what was his name, how many medals did he have?

 The answer is Henry Gordon Bennett. He fought in Gallipoli and Battle of Pozieres, World War I. In World War II, he fought in the Battle of Singapore and the Battle of Malaya. He also must have been a great soldier because he won 8 awards. Now that’s a lot. It was a great day going to the Shrine.

 I found a lot of things interesting, and I learnt a lot of information about the wars. It was a great way to remember all the people who went to war. I loved the Shrine of Remembrance.

National Ride to School Day

On Friday the 23rd of March, it was National Ride to School day. I rode my bike and so did a lot of other people but not everyone. Some people skated and some people even scooted to school.

In the morning it was free breakfast and there was a lot of food. I thought it was a great idea for the day. It should happen more often.

At 9 o’clock the bell rang and we all went to a whole school assembly. There was a man from Vic Roads who showed us about his bike, his bike clothes and helmet safety. It was very cool to have him come and talk to us.

After that, they called us outside to see the helicopter land on the oval. It was awesome. We all went down and had a look.

It was a police and ambulance helicopter with a cool interior. The pilot must have had a hard job to pilot that helicopter because there was a lot of buttons.

We went back inside and the Green Team leaders announced the winners of the raffle. First prize was a brand new bike voucher from Kmart. Luke Bowden won it.

Well, ove all it was a great day. I hope we have days like that more often!

My Favourite Thing


My Favourite thing is my Ipod touch. I have only had it for less than a year, but it still is special to me because I use it every day! I use it as a camera and a calculator, as a clock, stopwatch, alarm and sort of a mini Playstation and so much more.

I got it for my tenth birthday and it was one of the best presents I got throughout my life, and it is one of the best inventions ever in my opinion because it’s so fun.

I use my Ipod as a torch, dictionary, a book and the internet. That makes my Ipod sort of a tool for me.

Ipods are a great invention itself, with touch screen and all that. To me though, it’s a great way to have fun, communicate and just to learn also to develop strategies for things, like for measuring and stuff like that. That is one of the reasons I love my Ipod.

The biggest reason I love my Ipod over everything else I have is because I got it when I turned double digits, which was a very exiting day for me. Also they are very expensive and my parants got it for me.

That is why my Ipod touch is my favourite thing!


Gala Sports Days


On the bus, I was very excited. I chose to play Kanga Cricket. I thought I would be good at it because I had already played Cricket for a team.

The first team we played was Essendon Primary. The team was split into two teams. Team A and Team B. I was in Team A. Team A played the first game and batted first. We did very well. I was happy with my batting. At one point I hit three 4’s in a row!

When we bowled, we also did well. We got some wickets and we we stopped a lot of runs in the field.

I thought we had won the game when they announced the scores. But unfortunately, we didn’t win. I was still happy with my performance and the rest of the  team’s performance.

In game 2, Team B played. I did not play but I watched and I was impressed with the team’s performance against Aberfieldy. In the batting, they hit a lot of 6’s and they got a wicket after another wicket in the bowling. But in the end they lost.

In game 3, Team A played. We played St Vincents. We batted first and did outstanding! We held on to wickets and made runs. We did great in bowling too. We got a lot of wickets and we held them back in making runs.

We were waiting to hear the scores from the umpires from Victoria Cricket Association. I thought we had won it and  we had won the first game for Moonee Ponds Central School in Kanga Cricket.

In game 4, Team B played the last game for day 1. It was against Aberfieldy again. Yet again they put on a great performane by the team. Hitting 4 after 4 and getting wicket after wicket. It was a great game and it all came down to who got the most wickets. But in the end, it was Aberfeldy by 3 runs.

On the bus for day 2, I was still excited but not as excited. Only because I had already been there.

The first game was against Strathmore North. Team B played. They played great, and still were able to hit lots of runs and get lots of wickets. Strathmore North were a very good team and we were not able to beat them.

In game 2, Team B played Niddrie. In batting some people hit six after six and hardly anyone got out. We also did great in bowling. We won that game by quite a lot. We were all happy with our performance.

In the 3rd game, Team B played against Strathmore and they won! They got a lot of runs and a lot of wickets! They did awesome that game and that’s for shore. They were proud of that performance and they should be.

In the finals all the year sixes played against Strathmore North. It was a battle for 3rd place, but unfortunately they were just to good in the field. They kept on catching the ball in the deep field, so they won.

4th place was still great and we were all happy about our performance so we were all proud and went home happy.

Swimming Sports

On March the 5th, the whole school went to Queens Park Pool for the Swimming Sports.


On the walk there I was pretty excited. I am not the best swimmer myself but in Chisholm, I know that there are some good swimmers in Chisholm there are good swimmers as well.


When we got there it w as quite cold, but it was still ok weather to swim in. In the first relay, Chisholm won, which got us off to a good start.


Chisholm were doing really well after that. We won a lot of events. Especially in 5/6 events. But the 3/4s still did very well.


In my first event, the Kickboard Relay, I thought we did really well. We came 2nd and I was pretty proud of myself about that. I also came second in my other event, that made me think ‘ 2 second place ribbons, that’s pretty good’.


After all of that, we went back to the S.P.C to find out who was the best house. In Prep to 2s, Lawson came first, in 3/4s Macarthur came first and in 5 to 8s, Chisholm came first. After those announcements, I was pretty excited about who the overall winner would be. And in the end, Chisholm were the winners!


Today was very exciting to me. As it always is! I think that my house all bragging rights out over the other houses after this.

The End

By Ben Robertshawe

North Melbourne Vs Geelong Round 3

It had been a rough day for me. I play for West Coburg Under 12’s and we had lost our game by 78 points. I wanted my footy team, North Melbourne to beatGeelongin Round 3 and to be at the game watching them.

My dad is the coach ofWest Coburgso he had it tough all day. He said he wasn’t feeling that well and he didn’t want to go to the game tonight, but I begged and begged him to take me. Eventually, he said we could go.

Geelongare the best team in the league right now. They have won 3 of the last 5 premierships. If we beat the Cats[Geelong]and then we can have a good run this year.

When we got to Etihad Stadium, I was very excited about the game. We kicked the first goal and after that I got really excited, but we were not finished yet. We did really well in the first quarter and the Quarter time score was:  NM 4.5.29 GEE 1.3.9. I was happy with the first quarter and I hoped the next quarter would be good to.

We also played well in the 2nd quarter. We kicked goal after goal and we also did well in defence. However, Geelong fought back. The score at half time was NM 9.5.59 GEE 5.8.38. I was very excited about the second half, but I was still quite nervous. Geelong is one of the best teams in the League and were known to comeback from behind.

When the siren rang for the third quarter, I was very confidant. We were really good in the third quarter. They were still pretty good. We kicked behinds and we kicked goals. We got over 50 points in the 3rd quarter.  The score was NM 16.8.104 GEE 9.14.68.

In the last quarter Geelongstarted to catch up. They smashed us but we still kicked some goals and stayed in it. I was even more worried about the game but was still confidant that my beloved Kangas could win the match. In the end we won the game quite comfortably. The final score was NM 20.11.131 GEE 16.18.114.

The top goal kickers were forNorth Melbournewere Aaron Edwards, Jack Zeibell and Ryan Bastinac, all kicking 4 goals. For the cats, James Podsiadly got 5 goals and Tom Hawkins kicked 4.

I feel very confidant about the rest of the year after this game. I really do think we have a good chance to beat Sydney Swans next week in round 4 and even make the finals after this game.

It was an exciting game today. I want to see more games like it this year.

By Ben Robertshawe