100WC Week #35

He knew the Procepians would think his weak if they saw him cry so he wiped off the tears. The Procepians are the Vikings of Procepia, and all the Vikings of Tonitalia were dead, except James Batakis. Hope was lost. He was supposed to steal the Tonitalia crown back from the Procepians, but he had no hope. He was thinking of escaping, but then he saw the crown. He snuck up on it but the lights shun on to the crown and reflected back on to his eyes. When he got back, he said “I could have got it, but the light was so bright.”

100WC Week 34#

It was pouring with rain as lions roared and the birds sang. There was no sign of Matthias and Tom while Devlin searched for them. Matthias and Tom are two monkeys and they are always up to nothing good, and it was Devlin’s mission to find them. He walked past the elephant enclosure and noticed that the elephant had bananas all slashed on his face, he knew it was those monkeys. He looked over to the trees and they were there, but they disappeared into the trees. After a night of searching, there was no sign of Matthias or Tom.

Maths Mate Term 2 Sheet 8 Q 23#

I predict this question will be about counting.

If you could roll the same number every time, what number would you choose so that you could move from S to F in the least number of rolls.

Nothing to clarify.

I use the test all possibilities strategy on this question. I tried one first, but that couldn’t even make it to F. Next I tried two and that took me five rolls, and I thought that was going to win, but I checked the others just in case. In the end, three, four, five and six didn’t get less than five rolls, so 2 was the answer.

100WC Week #33

“Attack!” yells Sargent Johnson. The Turkish had had lots more people on their side. James was shooting at the Turkish, but his gun took a bullet and he was unarmed. A man came over and attacked him with a large machete. He had to run. He had wet and heavy clothing, and with the added weight he weighed around 140 kilograms. He had no chance to escape. He suffered a large cut on his leg and he got carried to safety. The nurses did all they could to spare his life, but they couldn’t. His family never saw him again.

Maths Mate Term 2-Sheet 6 Question 24

I predict this going to be about addition and algebra.

In the addition problem shown, each letter represents a different digit from 1 to 9. If R=8,what number does FOUR represent.
Nothing to clarify.
First I tried the guess, check and improve strategy.  I knew that the R was 8, so I figured out the O was 4. I tried to make W 3 and make U six and that worked, so I decided that I would do that. In the next part, I knew that the O had to be a four, but it needs to carry because the answer was four digits long so I did W=7 and it worked. After all of that I figured out that the final answer was 1468 and the equation was 734+734=1468.

100 Word Challenge Week #31

It was day of fear and anger for the people of Fredsville. The news had just came in that a disease from Jimtown was coming in the direction of Fredsville. The disease is deadly and it will kill you immediately. It blows with the wind and comes from in sheep. Scientists were trying to figure out a cure but they couldn’t find one. One day a man came out says to everyone “I have found a way to stop this disease. We must put a roof over the whole town.’ They decided to put a bubble shaped roof over Fredsville.


Nouns People, places things. Dog, Joe, car. Joe is my dogs name.  
Pronouns Replacement words for nouns. She, he, that. He is nice.  
Verbs Doing word. Jump, run. I like to run.  
Adjectives Describing words for nouns. Hot, cold, beautiful. This weather is beautiful.  
Adverbs Describing words for verbs. Fastly, highly. He ran fastly.  
Prepositions Joining words. Of. The box of magic is here.  
Interjections Exciting words. Wow, oh no, bam. Oh no! Don’t walk through there.  
Conjunctions Joining words. And, but, because. I like apples and maderines.  

Function                         Example Word     Example Sentence

Exercise 15 Conjunctions

1. Although she missed the bus, she and Lily still arrived on time.

2. Andy bought it because he liked it yet he never wore it.
3. Betty or Fran will bring the books which you wanted.
4. The waiter who served our lunch was really nice but slow.
5. I saw the nests that the robins built both on the porch and in the tree.
6. Until we see it, we won’t believe it.
7. If you are ready, we can leave so we will be on time.
8. When they had finished, they gave it to the teacher.
9. Roller blades and skateboards are very popular.
10. CDs are great because they have good quality sound.

Exercise 14 Conjunctions

1. Apples and oranges are good for you. Phrase.

2. It was a life and death situation. Phrase.
3. Look under the table and in the closet. Complete idea.
4. I wanted to travel quickly and cheaply, but I couldn’t get a ride. Join.
5. We bought the tickets, so we went to the concer. Join.
6. After we saw a deer, we drove to Doaktown. Complete idea.
7. Before he gets sicker, he should go to the doctor. Complete idea.
8. We sent you a full and complete refund when you asked for it. Phrase.
9. We ran home because it was raining. Join.
10. Until the snow melts, we will have to stay home.Complete idea.