100WC Week #10

Rain came. Surreal photographer Jane Hewitt took the opportunity of the minor floods to entertain her fans and thought of some awesome ideas for some photos. She went out with her crew of four people, Josh, the acrobat, herself, the director, Jack, the photographer and John, the journalist. She was a very strict, but positive director and she was persistent to get one of the many ideas photographed. Many ideas didn’t work, but on the final shot of the day, they managed to find the right picture. Josh did a handstand in the water and Jack took a great shot.

Maths Mate Term 4 Sheet 4 Problem Solving

Predict: I predict that the problem will involve division.

Read: Fill in the missing number. 36 divided by equals 4.

Clarify: Nothing to clarify.

Big question: Fill in the missing number.

Solve: I found this question easy because I could easily just swap the missing number and the 4 around to make it 36 divided by 4 equals… and the answer is 9.

How to Have the Time of Your Life at GTAC

Aim: To help you have the time of your life at GTAC.
A smile
A topped up myki card
School Uniform
1. Be excited about GTAC. Think about all the positives, not the negatives.
2. Make the experience more fun than it already was. You can change it up to make the experience better.
3. Use your knowledge. If you know a lot about science, share you knowledge with the people there so you can feel better about yourself.
4. Listen. If you listen, you can discover things that you would never of known before and you will have the time of your life.
If you want to have even more fun, don’t spoil all the things at GTAC by looking them up, leave it as a surprise.
Follow these steps and you will have the time of your life at GTAC.

100WC Week #9

The violent storm was coming in. It crashed onto the trees. The chimpanzees looked for safety, as the trees were no good for a storm like this. One chimp found a cave, and lead the others into the cave, but what they didn’t know was that the cave belonged to the grizzly bear that lived out in the woods. The chimps sighed of relief, but over the sighs was a large growl. A chimp turned around and … BAM! He was chewed up by the bear. The chimps tried to run away, but the lightning stopped them. They all died.

Maths Mate Term 4 Sheet 3 Problem Solving

Predict: I predict that this question will involve adding and multiplying.
Read: Fill in the missing number. 8 x = 56
Clarify: Nothing to clarify.
Big Question: Fill in the missing numbers.
Solve: First, i decided to use inverse operations, and divide the numbers by each other, to get the same number. The answer was 7, so 8 x 7=56.

CSI vs Reality

Forensic science is all the investigating put towards solving crimes, but shows like CSI show the complete wrong perspective on solving these crimes. In CSI, the lab where all the crimes are being solved are dark with this cool darkish blue, where in real life, forensic scientists need all the light they can get to see the tiny, faded fingerprints and marks of evidence they can to solve the crimes.
Also, the language and words the people use in CSI, are never used in real life. Just say scientists have found a hair and they check to see if the hair looks like the suspects hair. In CSI, they would say it matches they’re hair, but in real life you must say similar to or could be. Words like match to could cause lots of controversy in court because the hair might not match, but be similar to so it isn’t 100% evidence. In real life you need DNA matches, w2hich would take a long time to find.

100WC Week #8

Thunder crashed on the lion enclosure. Even the king of the jungle was too frightened to come out of its cave. The zookeeper hated his job, and wanted to go home. He slowly walked with his flash light until he came across, the cave… The cave was known for the creature inside. No one knew what it was, but they knew it was dangerous. I had killed four men on night shift before, stay there at night. John went in to see what it was. All you could hear was blood splashing, bites and growls. He was never seen again.

Maths Mate Problem Solving Term 4 Sheet 2

Predict: I predict that this problem will involve division.
Read: Fill in the missing number. What divided by 5 equals 9?
Clarify: Nothing to clarify.
Big Question: Fill in the missing number.
Solve: To solve it, I realised that all it was some simple inverse operations and all I really needed to do was times 5 by 9 to get the answer 45. So the equation was 45 divided by 5 equals 9.